Bees swarmed up in a tree

Jun 14, 2022

Same day, second video. This shows the swarm after it went up into the nearby tree (quite high up!), and it’s hard to see at first. When you see a dark moving mass, that’s the swarm - they will all hang together like that and then someone gives the signal and OFF THEY GO all at once. It’s an amazing sight to see.

They only stayed for a few minutes before they took off to seek life elsewhere, and it happened so quickly and unexpectedly that I missed catching the take-off on video. I was lucky we got at least some video of it though. It was about half of my beehive that left, the rest stayed here, thank goodness! I would have been heartbroken if they’d completely left me. The whole swarm took only about a half an hour from start to finish, and they of course know exactly what they are doing without any help from me.

Bye bye bees, I hope you find a wonderful new home!